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postmarketOS Plaque

27 Jan 2023

I spent a little bit of time the other evening on a little 3D Printing project for my new Chromebox. The Chrome logo on the side of the Chromebox is misleading and I wanted to re-brand it with the logo for the software that it is actually running.

The AOpen Chromebox sitting on my desk.

My inspiration came from a youtube video in which the creator Scott Yu-Jan is customizing his 3D Printer and he says:

Step 1: debrand

Scott Yu-Jan

He then proceeds to spray paint the parts of the printer that are branded to obscure the logo. Well, I wasn’t about to spray paint the nice little black box so I figured I could at least “re-brand”.

My OpenSCAD and FreeCAD skills are still lacking, so I knocked this one out in Sketchup. The logo is (sort of) free-handed, and may not be exactly right. To my eyes, it looks pretty close to the original. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Screenshot of the postmarket plaque in sketchup

I changed the filament at layer 11 (with resolution set to 0.2mm) so that I could overlay the glow-in-the-dark background with some nice green filament. I don’t have a darker green, but I think the muted colors look nice.

Picture of the 3D printed postmarket plaque on top of the computer case

If this looks interesting to you, you’re more than welcome to download it, print it, and mess with it. If you do anything with it, feel free to reach out to me and let me know! I would love to know how you use it.

Download postmarketos_plaque.stl