Social Networking

This social media thing is tiring. Back when Facebook was a University-only network, I was a big fan and a frequent user. I also jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in the early days when people thought it was a stupid fad. I remember setting it up to tweet from my flip-phone via SMS. That was the coolest. I couldn’t own the first gen iPhone, but I sure as hell could “tweet” with the rest of them.

These days, social media feels more like a burden than a tool, or even a novelty. It is not a joy for me to figure out which social network I should use for each situation. Obviously, I should use Instagram for pictures, but should I cross-post to Twitter and Facebook? The shotgun approach doesn’t suit me either. Nobody likes seeing a Twitter post that requires clicking on a shortened URL for a Google Plus post or a Facebook post.

So, I am forced to segregate pieces of my life. Facebook should be used for personal posts, despite the… er… security issues. Google+ is my tech community. Instagram is for photos and the occasional video. Twitter is for witty quips. I also have this blog for long-form personal public posts.

Do you see how annoying this can be? Am I just over complicating the internet? Impossible.

In all of this introspection, I have been dangling Facebook over the trash bin by my thumb and forefinger. It is no longer a fun site for me to visit for whatever reason. My wife is the only reason I still have it. She still uses Facebook more than any other network, and she is my love so I stay.

To complicate things more–maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment–I have picked up Path again. I just love the values they have for social interaction, and the interface is beautiful. It has been serving as a personal journal for everyday life. I hope to keep it as a running story for me and any close family that chooses to use it.

In the end, I hope to see my social network activity decline and return to the essence of sharing my life with the people who matter to me.