Film Love

This picture was taken on my Nikon FE. It used to be my sister’s film camera, before digital cameras were a thing. Somehow it got passed to me and I love using it.

Film has its charms and wiles that tend to ensnare the hearts of the romantics among us. It speaks to our emotional nature, making us–the photographers–“feel” the moment instead of just capturing it 10 different times and moving on.

Sometimes this love of film just smacks of pretentiousness and a desire to be different than other people, but I still shoot film. My struggle is not with medium. I struggle with the narcissism so rampant on the internet. Not the narcissism from other people, but the terrible beast inside of me.

I want to be noticed for the things I do, even if the things I do are nowhere near as great as the millions of other people in the world. I join in the rat race to be noticed. I strive to finish projects only to hit a wall, feel inadequate, and move on to the next fame-making thing.

I wish I could say that with this candid blog post I will no longer be letting my ego guide me, but I can’t promise that. I will promise that I will pursue the things I love and try to be me. I’ll show you film pictures that are slightly out of focus and not quite exposed correctly, but they’ll be my favorites.

I’ll try to sow a little honesty on the internet and I hope you will too.