Decluttering, Tidying, and Magic

Any self-respecting geek has his or her fair share of gadgets, computer parts, and cords... lots and lots of cords. Those cords and gadgets tend to grow old and find their way into piles of boxes in the garage. They seem to follow me from house to house, and they've made friends along the way. Friends that love to make more friends.

The other day I had a life-changing moment, where Jesus was telling me I didn't need any of that junk. I was digging through old abandoned devices and cords in one of my drawers--so many cords--and I had the urge to just dump it all in the trash. Whatever I was digging for wasn't worth the pain of raking through all of this baggage hidden away in boxes and drawers.

I never even owned a "fruity" mac, but I've got one of these things in my garage!

Mouse In My Garage

Here's the difficult thing: I get warm fuzzy feelings from digging through all of my old stuff. I get some twisted sense of satisfaction from the rush of re-discovery. It's kind of like having my own self-curated thrift store full of awesome gizmos, and I don't have to pay for any of it! Except I did pay for it a long time ago, and then I turned it into a handy dandy dust collector.

Enter The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I don't typically jump on the book club bandwagon, but I kept crossing paths with this book title until it finally jumped right up and bit me. In this book, author Marie Kondo walks through her Zen-inducing KonMari method of tidying up starting with two simple steps:

  1. discard
  2. put things in their place.

I read through this book and suddenly I was a changed man. Her question of "does it spark joy?" cut right to my heart. I started tossing out all the baggage without a second thought, and that's a big deal for me. If it doesn't spark joy, why am I holding onto it? I have too many discs, cords, devices, books, and other marginally useful things to know what to do with.

Like Jesus quieting the stormy sea, the spirit of Marie Kondo stepped into my Garage and yelled, "Quiet! Be Still!" With the words still echoing in my ears, I got straight to work and filled 2 bags of trash, and loaded up the back of our SUV floor to ceiling with goodwill donations. I even let go of some old projects--computers and bikes I was going to rebuild--with zero remorse. In the end, our garage still looks...

The Garage Mess

Okay, so it's a work in progress. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my pile of boxes. I should probably finish the book for the full effect. I feel good about it, though. It's a running start, and I intend to keep the momentum. I'll keep you updated on the restoration of both my soul and my garage.