Hi, I'm Dane.

Having clicked on the "About" link, you find yourself a captive audience to my life story. Setting aside the fact that I love to talk about myself, I think it's important for you to see where I'm coming from and why life stories are important to me.

Allow me to fill your face with some of the finer details of my life.

The Story So Far

I was born in 1985 in a land called California. My parents raised me and my sister the best they could, my mom pouring knowledge into us by way of homeschooling. By the time I hit high school, I was a computer nerd, a Star Wars Geek, and I had aspirations to be in a Christian rock band. I was a sheltered child. Even the first two years of my High School career were spent at a private school. I was sheltered and it was good for me.

Texas took me and molded me into the man I am today for better or worse. I got a taste of public school, went to Texas Tech University, met a girl who put my dreams to shame with her utter dreaminess, and we got married in 2008. Shortly after that, we moved to the DFW area--or FWD, if you hold with "left-to-right" standards--and I started my career in the public utility industry.

We now have two adorable and fantastic little boys who grow me every day. My wife is taking on the challenge of homeschooling them, thereby carrying on the Henson tradition of pouring knowledge and love into your kids while slowly going insane.

In all of this, I have seen one running thread: every event in my life has had purpose and meaning. Not once have I looked back on my life and said, "I wish that mess just never happened!" Believe me, I have a lot of little messes and even some big ones. Every event has had a purpose; they have been part of a plan that's much bigger than me.

The bible calls Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith. Some translations say "founder," and others say "finisher." It's not my job to make sure everything turns out fine. I'm just here to take leaps of faith, roll with the punches, and witness the beauty of His perfected story.

Through my stories, I hope you find some encouragement. Be more bold, step out in faith, and spread the comfort and hope we have in living His story.